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My Approach

The most important ingredient to effective therapy is a strong therapeutic relationship, where you feel safe, understood, and supported. It is my goal to provide this space for you, but ultimately you will decide if you feel these ways. If it seems we are not a good fit, I am happy to refer to other providers who may better meet your needs. It's just that important. 

In my work, I tend to take a client-centered approach while implementing a variety of therapeutic modalities to meet your needs. I have specialized training in play therapy and EMDR. I frequently implement CBT and DBT strategies as well. 

I take an anti-racist stance. It's in my code of ethics and I take this seriously. I understand that my privilege as a white person impacts the choices I make, the thoughts I think, the opportunities I have, and the work I do. I am actively working to challenge implicit biases I have, to further educate myself, and to advocate for BIPOC and other marginalized groups. 

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